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Here you will find my ramblings on whatever crosses my mind on any given day. Somedays it will be simple others much more dramatic I am sure.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Since Sandy S. came in the store again yesterday I thought I would mention her today.
She had come in several times before I had finally asked her if she remembered me. She said yes and she was hoping I did not remember her because she is not proud of some of the things she did in high school, her actions towards others. I really do not ever remember her being rude to me so I was not expecting that. Sandy is a real sweetheart today and seems very much a family person. She has children and just adores them and seems basically to just love life.
Yesterday her mom was in with her and when they got to the register they were argueing over who was going to pay for what, playful fun argueing mind you, actually you probably could say it was more like debating. I told Sandy my mom is the same way, she wants to pay for all my basic needs items when I go shopping with her. We all laughed.
Boy it would have been nice to have that when we were kids huh? Go shopping with Mom and she wants to get you everything you need, LOL. But back then they were supporting us and had less money, now we are all grown and moved out of our parents houses and they have extra money that they love to blow on us or their grandkids! Funny how life works.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

As of March 23rd I am back into my tanning again, I want to have a nice bronze glow for vacation and summer of course. We are going to St. Louis in July on Vacation to spend the weekend at Six Flags! I really miss it that place, we had season passes and went all the time! Last year we took the kids and my youngest brother to Six Flags in Illinois for a weekend. Next year we are going to Ceder Point in Ohio.

Ok if you have not guessed it we love amusement parks, mostly for the coasters. I know some people's idea of a vacation is Hawaii, California or Texas, ours if amusement parks and thrill seeking. If I could, I would be one of those people that gets paid to go from park to park and evaluate the rides and the service!

Have a posts coming up soon about Diane D., Val F. and Travis W. Should be able to get one done tomorrow. For now I must turn in. I have to open again in the morning which means up at 6am! I am NOT a morning person so those days are rough.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Been pretty much in limbo lately, between kids and work I have not done much on the net. Tonight I updated my MySpace page so look for an update here sometime this weekend. For now it is after 1am and I have to open the store in the morning so I better drag my butt to bed. Just wanted to show I am still alive and kickin'

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I have been waiting to do this post for a while. The first classmate I met in T.R. upon my return was Kenny Bartz. Kenny was such a great guy in school and so much fun to be around. I actually lived with Kenny, Brian W, and one other guy for a few months with Todd right before we left for Florida. Boy were those some interesting times. Maybe one day I will post some of the antics from those days. I am sure Kenny remembers a few, lol. I believe his wild parting days are behind him now.
Anyway today Kenny is a sweetheart, he has been through his share of trouble in the past and has made a great life for himself. He even carries around a mini pocket version of the bible, no he is not a "bible thumper", just takes comfort in it at times. He's a big harley guy, in the fact that he loves the bikes. He still looks like the same guy I remember just with added facial hair. He became friends with Robert as they both worked at Federal Mogal together. Kenny has since left that company, but he sure did love it there. He has a very nice girlfriend, I am not sure if they plan to marry but he is very happy.
He is still a prankster and still has that lil up to something twinkle in his eye.
I told him all about Burt's adventure and he asked me to give Burt his number, so Burt watch for that to come privately via email.
I may post more on Kenny later, but as it stands now I have to get ready to go open the store.
Maybe I will run into someone new today, maybe not. I keep expecting to see Keith one day now that he knows where to find me.

Monday, February 27, 2006

This evening I ran into Doug W. He really turned out to be a nice guy, too bad half of us never gave him a chance in school. No this is not my first meeting with him. I talk to him every few weeks or so. He has some of the prettiest blue eyes.

Anyway, I told him "Burt says hi", and he said "Burt who". When I told him Burt W. he was floored. He said "how is he doing, I bet he is a lawyer by now". I told him "yes Burt is in Law". He then commented "I knew he would go far, Burt was so smart but..."and I finished his sentance by saying "he never let anyone know just how smart he was". To which Doug quickly replied "that's right".

We talked a bit about the Blog Burt is writing and Doug seemed very interested but has no net access right now. One day I will meet him for that cup of coffee and maybe bring him here so he can read it all or print it off for him.

We made small talk for a little bit and both went on our way. Supper time and all.

I see I have gotten a few visitors, that's great. This is no big adventure like Burt's. I am just using this to write about recent encounters with old classmates. My regular blog is still at myspace. If you feel like commenting please feel free to do so.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

on Friday, Feb 23rd, I again saw Carrie F. I let her walk past me then turned around and shouted her name. She turned back around, looked at me inquizitivly and then said "Tammy"? We talked a little about old friends and what they were doing now, our lives and Burt W's. blog.
I always liked Carrie, she was such a good friend. I am hoping now that I have made contact we can talk more often or email. She still looks exactly as she did in high school. One of the few who did not age badly from our class. I have run into so many that still live in T. R. that just look so much older than they are. I am begining to think it is this town. If I start to see signs of aging, I'm outta here! LOL.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Well let's start this out simple. I am posting here only because a classmate of mine from the class of 1989 started an excellent blog about all of us. I have a page where I do most of my blogging but those related to the class of 89 will mostly occur here.
Here I am at Six Flags in St. Louis MO enjoying the hot summer sun. Used to love the summer sun. Now that I am back here in the frozen tundra I hardly remember what the suns rays feel like. Yes I love Wisconsin but lord do I hate the weather! I have since lost my golden glow, maybe later I will post the much paler me that I am today.
Anyway I posted this pic for any of you out there curious enough to follow my link to my page. I know we all love to see how much people have changed over the years.
Hope to hear from some of you soon.
Sending strength and love to all
Tammy aka Glitter34